DTBL! Pre-Tour Classes

3 Foundational Keys:  To Understanding The Scriptures
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DTBL! Education
Throughout the years DTBL! has had glowing comments about DTBL! Tour educational system and preparation for touring the Bible Lands.

The DTBL! Pre-Tour Classes are a unique and powerful tool and setting the stage for your amazing journey – for the Mind, Soul, and Spirit!  (How I wished I would have had this program when I first went to Israel in the 1970’s!)

Those in the travel industry have often mentioned the “stand-alone” educational portion of DTBL! Tours – as being the “only ministry / company which substantially prepares the pilgrims to the Land!”

The goal is to prepare the traveler in the “small details”… as well as “bridging the gap” between one’s own environment any where in the world – and that of the Biblical frame-of-reference in the Land! It is meant to answer the “WHY” of things – before getting to the Land itself.  (Nothing is mandated…no one is “tested.”  DTBL! Classes and materials simply provide a foundation for an optimum learning experience in the Land!)

The DTBL! Online Presentation & Pre-Tour Classes
truly builds the framework for
better comprehension of the Land (God’s Visual Tool)
and the Scriptures with on-site applications!

NOTE:  The DTBL! Presentation is also considered CLASS #1.
If one is taking the full “class course”
for the DTBL! Tour or CEUs.

We lay the foundation for our study and / or pilgrimage to the Land, with this essential visual journey through the Land.  We will begin to see the Big Picture!

It is here that we begin to more fully understand the importance of placing Scripture within the context in which it was written – for proper interpretation and application. With these images and illustrations we also discover the tremendous power of Hebrew Thinking.

**The DTBL! Online Presentation is FREE
Pre-Tour DTBL! Classes and educational materials are available only to Tour Participants. 

NOTE:  Class Dates Announced for each DTBL! Tour


Now that we have the Big Picture...
we are ready for the DTBL! Classes!

Geography/Topography – The Foundation

  • Why is it essential to understand the Geography/Topography with its Tels, Wadis, and even soil composition, for clearer interpretation and application of the Scriptures?
  • How does this knowledge give one a solid frame-of-reference for all Jewish and Middle Eastern societies, various cultures, politics, religions, and daily life – even for today?

Culture – Jesus Was Jewish

  • Why is it imperative to recognize the difference between Hebrew Thinking & Greek Thinking.
  • What are the Jewish Feasts and why should one more fully comprehend significance?


  • What do the Ancient Jewish Betrothal and Ancient Jewish Wedding have to do with salvation? How are they illustrations for prophetic interpretations –  and even answering the “eternal security” question?
  • Why is it vital to identify the pagan religious system and their “gods” at the time Children of Israel entered into the Promised Land – and continuing through the 1st Century (Jesus’ time)?
  • Why is it important to clearly differentiate between the “political & religious groups” to whom Jesus (Yeshua) spoke?

History – The End Result

  • Since we have Biblical history, why do we need to know the Ancient Jewish and Middle Eastern History?
  • What is the “Christian fear factor” for the Jewish and Arab people?

Jewish Roots – In The Christian Faith

  • What do the Old Testament animal sacrifices have to do with the Christian faith?
  • Why did Yeshua (Jesus) have to die for sin? Was it a random act or a continuation of a previous pattern?
  • Do today’s events in the Middle East have any connection to the past?

Sites of Israel – Ancient Voices Remain

  • Why is it wise to have a visual and feet-in-the-Land experience? Why is it important to visualize the “regions” of the Land when studying the Scriptures
  • Why would I need to understand Jerusalem with its ancient and Quarters and Temple Mount?

The Olive Tree – God’s Metaphor

  • How could an olive tree be so significant?

The intensive DTBL! Classes are always FREE for:

  • DTBL! Tour Participants
  • DTBL! Tour Alumni

FEES for CEUs: Those enjoying this comprehensive study –
with the DTBL! Study Manual –  without tour involvement,
will have a fee of $300. (ACSI – 2 CEUs are available)  

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