Biblical Israel / Holy Land

Whether giving public program or simply having a
private conversation…
the first question is always,
“Is it safe – IS ISRAEL SAFE?”

YES – YES… IT IS SAFE & probably safer than
your own city in USA.
(NOTE:  We would not go to the Land if  the State of Israel
deemed it “unsafe for tourism.”
Another way to know: EL AL Airlines would not be flying!)

Safety is always the first priority – no matter where we are!
If an area becomes restricted for some reason,
we simply change our plans and go to
another site rich in biblical history!

Consider the following:

Though there have been surges of violence in certain areas of Israel in the past, it has always been safe for the tourist! One must remember that it is the tourist who provides a living for many Jewish and Arab people.

When there is an incident of any kind, the media always paints a horrific picture – as if every act of violence is widespread and anarchy rules the Land.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Yes, in some parts of Israel, just as in many cities in the USA with violent sections, there have been terrible acts of violence. These incidents are isolated – and certainly not countrywide.

One must realize that per capita, Israel and particularly Jerusalem have more journalists and media coverage than anywhere in the world!  And it would stand to reason they must earn their keep!

Statistically, the vast majority of Israel is safer than any urban area in the USA.

Our American culture is more violent than most other cultures around the world.  It is safer THERE (Israel) than here (USA).  To prove my point– while my tours are in Israel, I tell them NOT to watch the International News. Why? If they do, they will be frightened – to go back to the USA! (It is so dangerous there.)  You may chuckle…but it is quit obvious when someone has seen CNN International. (A station that has been dropped by some countries…for bias.)

On a DTBL! Tour we are rarely around people.  Goats, sheep, biblical sites, and archaeological digs occupy us.

We always avoid all conflicted areas and cities.

It is helpful to remember that all violence/terrorism is very specific and not random. Incidents occur in very specific areas, times, and where young Israelis gather (young Israelis are almost all in the military).

Therefore, we simply avoid those compromised areas, times, holidays, gatherings. It’s just common sense.


  • Use public transportation systems, trains, or use bus stops (military also uses these)
  • Go to discotheques, nightclubs, or malls where Israeli teenagers and young adults congregate (military)
  • Go to Jewish communities in “compromised” areas
  • Go to Gaza Strip, Jenin, Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus
  • Attend Jewish Holiday or Sabbath gatherings or Synagogues


  • Stay within the BIBLICAL areas – not modern
  • Use N.E.T. (Christian Arab owned – and the largest Transportation system in the Middle East). We use NET for the entire trip. They have good relations with both Jewish and Arab people – without incident
  • Be away from populated areas on Sabbaths (Jewish & Arab)
  • Remain in constant contact with NET office – and simply change itinerary to another Biblical site if someplace becomes problematic.

Again… traveling safety to anywhere is the first concern.
We are vigilant.

Israel’s security is the best in the world…
AND we rest on God’s promises in Psalm 139:1-18.



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