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Why are the Pre-Tour Classes Important?
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I am always asked this question – and it is a good one.  If you’ve ever been to Biblical Israel /”Holy Land”… you know why this question is so important. Without preparing… one comes back saying, “I know now… what I don’t know!”

Throughout the years I have had glowing comments about DTBL’s system of education and preparation for touring the Bible Lands. Even those in the travel industry have often mentioned the “stand-alone” educational portion – as being the “only ministry / company which substantially prepares the pilgrims to the Land!”
Tour Industry: Specialist – Israel (testimony: bottom of page.) 

NOTE:  DTBL! Tours stand alone in quality too. Attention is paid to the small details…as well as “bridging the gap” between one’s own environment any where in the world – and that of the Biblical frame-of-reference in the Land! It is meant to answer the “WHY” of things – before getting to the Land itself.

Answers to Questions…

Though the classes are not mandatory – they are highly recommended and requested.  They are designed to benefit the traveler in the following ways:

  1. DTBL! Classes truly builds the framework for better comprehension of the Land (God’s Visual Tool to understanding the Scriptures) with on-site applications
  2. One gets much greater value from the tour: More value from your life-investment; greater comprehension levels on site;  spiritual applications are made in the Land that would not click otherwise.
  3. DTBL! Study Manual (with study links & pictures) provide the platform for classes and discussion. It is a larger treasure to help you link Scripture with the Lan
  4. Questions are answered about the tour process and sites – raising the comfort level for all
  5. Individuals in the group are on the same page… so to speak. When the scholar-guide begins his teaching on site, he will not have to spend extra time covering the basics of the Land – which were learned in the pre-tour classes. (Examples would be: Geography, Culture,  History Timeline, Topography – with its elevations, wadis, moisture levels, soil composition etc) When you hear it in the Land… it is like a cool breeze of understanding
  6. Nuances of the Land and peoples are discussed – making everyone more comfortable knowing what to expect on tour
  7. A group begins to bond together during the pre-tour classes. One travels as a cohesive group – rather than a group of strangers.

Group members from another area need not worry! ALL DTBL! Classes &  materials will be provided – and everyone will feel part of the group. There is interaction with each other once the classes start – even long distances. It is a joy to watch tour members meet each other in person – because they know each other! (Cannot reveal all the fun!)  

Those who are not prepared still enjoy the tour, but unfortunately, they will sometimes experience a feeling of “glazing over” after a few days. They often express regret not having learned a bit more before their journey.

NOTE:  Nothing is mandated – no one is tested. One will have the opportunity to learn as much or as little as they are led. The materials provided simply lay a foundation for an optimum learning experience (and value) prior to the tour… and during the journey in the Land!

DTBL! Class Schedule:  ONLINE: To Be Announced

DTBL! Classes are always FREE for:

  • DTBL! Tour Participants
  • DTBL! Tour Alumni

FEES:  Those enjoying this comprehensive study, without tour involvement, will have a fee of $300.
(ACSI – 2 CEUs are available)

NOTE: Alumni may purchase the updated DTBL! Manual at published cost of $250.

Testimony from the Tour Industry:

Why Classes? (Specialist’s observation)

“Kay, your DTBL! Pre-Tour Classes are essential.  The following is what I experienced on my first tour to Israel – without the benefit of proper preparation.

Although I felt I was fairly well versed in the Bible, I was not prepared for all of the additional information I received – on geography and non-biblical history, relating to the time of the Bible.

I was overwhelmed within several days and stopped comprehending what was being said soon after that!  I was like a sponge that was full, and all of the information I tried to absorb just leaked out!!

You have something unique and valuable to share. We just have to find a way to let more people know about it!”

Lindy Witman, RAPTIN (Holy Land Tour Specialist)

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