DTBL! Tours – Comparison List

DTBL! Tours: Comparison List of High Value & Benefits
Are You Comparing Tours?  Great!

It is hard to compare
DTBL! Bible Lands Tours with other tours.
There simply are no “apples to apples” comparisons.
“Typical” tours contrasting points
listed below may explain some differences.

Pre-Tour Classes, Education, Study Manual (ACSI CEUs)

  • Most Tours:
    No extensive pre-tour education with DTBL! Study Manual –  or ACSI CEU Credits.

DTBL! TOURS: Finest & most experienced guides, scholars and drivers in the Land – and who also live in the Land

Most Tours:
Guides, pastors, and leaders who “guide” but do not live in the Land are most likely not as equipped to teach from within a deeper biblical context of the Land’s geographic, cultural, and historical connectionsThe experience from living in the Land itself and… knowing the cultural nuances, makes a profound impact on how information is conveyed and understoodIt is a very tangible vantage point!

DTBL! TOURS: Authentic Sites – no “touristy sites” – cohesive scholarship & guiding

  • Most Tours:
    Often the emphasis is on tourism, popular sites, and shopping, dazzling/expensive amenities.

DTBL! TOURS: Group of 35 or fewer: Personalized attention with an optimized experience!  It’s biblical education / ministry / more fellowship – and each person can hear the Guide!!

  •  Most Tours:
    “Herding” people, long lines, multiple buses, and “too many people” causes a “lag-behind” sub-groups!

DTBL! TOURS: Tours that are 12 days or longer have far more cost value… giving enough time absorb the big picture. 

  • Many Tours:
    The travel industry often remarks that tours “10 days or fewer… are a ‘blur’ rather than a blessing”
    (Most tours also have a schedule and/or itinerary which looses 2 days for traveling to and from the Land)

DTBL! TOURS: Visit many more sites!  And new discoveries can be added at the last moment (more freedom of movement with fewer people).  

  • Many Tours:
    More people demands… far fewer sites… and much less time at each site.

DTBL! TOURS: Custom, painstakingly designed tours by scholar/master guide and host 

Many Tours:
“Cookie Cutter” tours with no personal attention to many details.

DTBL! TOURS: Pre-Tour Classes & extensive preparation

  • Many Tours:
    No pre-tour preparation leads to being overwhelmed with information in the Land… leading to less overall understanding

DTBL! TOURS: Academic:  Continuing Education Credits (ACSI)

  • Many Tours:
    Lack the benefit of ACSI CEUs Credits for those in Christian Education

DTBL! TOURS: Keeping the costs as low as possible – for greater participation

  • Many Tours:
    Higher costs – with much less value

DTBL! TOURS: No celebrity or well-known personality (to draw participants)

  • Many Tours:
    Higher costs to pay for a travel team & bus hosts. Valuable time is also wasted while waiting for more people & multiple buses – with a greater loss of personal attention.

DTBL! TOURS: All inclusive pricing – no hidden costs 

  • Many Tours:
    May have hidden fees, tips, surcharges

DTBL! TOURS: Meet Jewish & Arab people: Christians, ministries & more

  • Many Tours:
    May be less dimensional – which can be isolating… rather than edifying. (Jewish people have the Scriptures – and the Arabs still retain ancient practices which also help clarify Scriptures. (Many Arab Christians are a delight – warm and hospitable!)

DTBL! TOURS: Why Group Touring?

  • Tour cost per day is no more than a semi-luxury vacation in the States!
  • Individual touring can not duplicate – at any cost – with any DTBL! Tour.
  • Included in DTBL! group touring benefits would be: the educational approach, number of sites, on-site scholar teaching, costs of air and land rates, food, personal care… and much more.

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DTBL! TOUR – Israel  5-30-2018


DTBL! Education & Tours have a strong BIBLICAL VISION and our CALL is HIGHLY DEFINED… there is NO political agenda.