Antikythera Mechanism

The First Computer?!

(2000 year old computer)

This is an amazing model and demonstration of an ancient 2000 year old computer found by Greek sponge divers in 1900. (Dating back to 150-100 BCE.) Yes, you read it right – a type of computer.

Only after taking X-rays years later… was the importance was finally discovered. Certainly in the field of science and medicine… it appears we are relearning what the ancients already knew all those years ago!

The video below is a working model.

I highly recommend the History Channel’s DVD (at your library or on History Channel) on Ancient Discoveries Episode: Ancient Computer? It describes the find and its importance.

One can only wonder where we would be today if all the stored knowledge in the library in Alexandra had survived its devastating fire. But… maybe it was destroyed for the same reason the Tower of Babel fell! Gen 11:6