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They may answer many often debated issues!

Divorce and Remarriage

A painful subject to be sure.   Volumes have been written from a Christian point of view… were they accurate?

Following is an excellent article on Divorce and Remarriage.  It will bring healing to many – while illustrating the importance of putting Scripture into its proper Jewish / Historical framework.

Steven Notley (Jerusalem Perspective)    Divorce & Remarriage

Additional Helps: RBC’s Day Of Discovery Series Booklets

RBC Topical Booklets: including Divorce & Remarriage

The Star Leading the Wise Men –  What Was It?

Ariel Ministries
Outstanding article – a must read for every Christian!

How Did The Wise Men Know?   Was it Astrology?   What about the Star?

When Was Jesus Born?

Hani Abu Dyyeh

Hani traces his history in the Land back through many generations.  You must read this very simple, practical, and exciting explanation to better understand the season of the birth of Jesus.  Bet you will say, “ahhhh!”

The Answer Is In THE LAND! (Geography, Culture, History)

No Room At The INN?

Hani Abu Dyyeh 

Yes, it’s in the Land…the Culture…the History!
Even today’s culture reflects this practice!

Something Got Mistranslated

Mary: 1CE Woman 

Cheryl Hauer

The environment and role of the first century women has long been clouded by traditions – rather than truth. Women will not feel “less than” after reading this big picture article!

First Century Women

Jesus – The Lamb of God

Ariel Ministries 

As Christians we see a connection between the Passover Lamb and Jesus’ sacrifice.  Below is a brief overview of the Lamb sacrifice.

The Triumphal Entry;   Setting Aside of the Lamb of God;     The Testing Of the Lamb of God;    The Testing BY the Lamb of God

Should Christians Tithe?

Jerusalem Perspective
Definitely an article which will provoke thought and discussion!

Should Christians Tithe?

Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Jerusalem Perspective
A more accurate understanding of this Scripture through the ancient Hebraic culture.

Let The Dead Bury Their Dead

Who was Nimrod?  

Babylon & the growth of Paganism

Who Was Nimrod?

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