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Library of Links: Research & Tools
Take time to explore each one… you won’t be sorry!

History Maps (thousands of years in 90 seconds!)
(Shockwave needed for viewing)

NET SITE  A DTBL! Best of the Best  (wow!!)

LEFT SIDE BAR: “Holy Land” Link.
The scholarship doesn’t get any better than this! Dr. Stephen Langfur has taken years to give us this masterpiece. Use this site as your MAIN source of information for the Bible Lands/Holy Land. (Israel is finished) Scroll over the regions at the top and watch the map! Click on sites for a wealth of information to savor!

BIBLE PLACESDTBL’s Best of the Best
Todd Bolin’s huge Bible Lands picture collection simply the best. (Be sure to sign up for his newsletters!)

JERUSALEM PERSPECTIVE: DTBL! Best of the Best.  This site is a wealth of scholarship!

City of David: Tour the City of Jerusalem!  (wow!)  Dramatic images – you control!

Virtual Walk on Temple Mount 360 degrees   (wow!)

Temple Mount – Ritmeyer designes  (great)

Jericho Unearthed   (wow!) View the whole video online – 30 minutes…and worth the time. This video explains how the walls “came tumbling down”…and how the walls were breached to take the city. You will likely want to order this DVD for group settings or for your collection. (K’s interesting biblical point: Joshua obeyed…and it was God’s perfect timing. No one knew the moment of the coming earthquake!)

YouTube – The Search for Sodom & Gomorrah  (wow!)

Streaming Christian Music (no vocal): Word of Truth   Click on TUNE IN button. For quick access in the future, drag that second icon to your desk top. This is wonderful background music while working or relaxing.  (Hint: Be sure your source volume is up – before adjusting your speakers)

Experience Israel: A Virtual Visit to the Land of Israel  (wow!)
Control your view of each site – simply scroll mouse over the picture!

Instaverse  (Fabulous tool for reading Scripture references)
Downloadable program (Free)

This small program is very helpful viewing Scripture references without looking them up. Mouse over any reference – and the verses will automatically display! (Note: Click icon to start program – then to quickly exit the program, click the icon in your bottom startup bar. (KJV is free – one may purchase other versions.)

Bible Explorer
Free download of program + 200 free electronic library books (program download at top of the home page – PC or MAC.  Make free book choices after download.

Ministry Favorites (Free) – MP3, Audio, Video, Podcast, Windows Media One Place website: Go to ministry name – click on photo of person – goes to MP3 downloads – archive button to left – scroll down to subjects, sermons, bible studies) Wow!

Direct Links Examples: (Click ARCHIVE button on the left and scroll down for list of choices.)
Charles Stanley
Kay Arthur

Bible Maps  (useful)
Not the Precept Site – but excellent maps and materials by Precept

RBC (Day of Discovery)   (always wonderful)
A plethora of information on many topics – videos, downloadable materials. Incredible resource.

Day of Discovery
TV Programs of the Bible Lands with applications. Resources

Favorite Ministries – YOU choose  (videos & audios)

Precept Upon Precept   Best Bible Studies!  (Inductive)
Kay Arthur   Truly the best study tools I’ve ever found!  You could be on a deserted island and feed yourself…the Living Word! 

Daily Devotions emailed daily
(In Touch by Charles Stanley is excellent)

Articles for your consideration:

Associates for Biblical Research:
Ark of the Covenant – Where has it been?

Associates for Biblical Research:
Signature in the Cell DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design