Scripture Visuals

The Visual Word

The LAND itself is GOD’S VISUAL TOOL to understanding the Scriptures.  In this way, we begin to better understand the Word within its context – giving us proper interpretations and proper life applications. See for yourself – below!

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(Kay Money photos – copyright)

Psalm 23Green Pastures

This is the Judean “green pastures” where
David would have pastured his sheep.
One can see that  is NOT an easy walk of life

The hills are made of chalk and limestone,
making it very difficult to walk at times.
The desert is, of course, very hot with very little water.

Maybe the operative word in the text should be
He MAKETH me to lie down in green pastures.

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© DTBL! permission only ©

Thistles are food supply for the sheep
and goats in the desert pasture.
They are also naturally medicinal
while making the future meat supply sweet.
Grain is seldom used for feed.

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© DTBL! permission only ©

The shadow of death (the deep Wadis)
with the still waters left behind after
a dangerous and killing wall of water passes
through the Land on the way to the Dead Sea.