Precept Ministries

PRECEPT MINISTRIES  (Inductive Bible Study)
(Kay Arthur)

I (Kay Money) have been long associated with Precept through the Inductive Study methodology and their Bible Study Courses. In all my years of study, I’ve never found anything more in-depth, practical, and easy to use.

The Inductive method, once learned and practiced, assures one that if alone anywhere in the world (or even alone on a deserted island), one could accurately feed oneself in the Word!

There are not enough words to encourage you to seek out this valuable  resource.


Who We Are


Precept Ministries International was raised up by God for the sole purpose of establishing people in God’s Word to produce reverence for Him. It serves as an arm of the church without respect to denomination. God has enabled Precept to reach across denominational lines without compromising the truths of His inerrant Word. We believe every word of the Bible was inspired and given to man as all that is necessary for him to become mature and thoroughly equipped for every good work of life. This ministry does not seek to impose its doctrines on others, but rather to direct people to the Master Himself, who leads and guides by His Spirit into all truth through a systematic study of His Word. The ministry produces a variety of Bible studies and holds conferences and intensive Training Workshops designed to establish attendees in the Word through the Precept™ Inductive Bible Study Method.

Jack Arthur and his wife, Kay, founded Precept Ministries in 1970. Kay and the ministry staff of writers produce a number of different Bible study series including Precept Upon Precept®, In & Out®, the New Inductive Study Series, the “Lord” study series, 40-Minute study series, and Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids. These unique inductive studies have been developed from years of diligent study and teaching experience, and are being used in nearly 185 countries and 70 languages, to help establish people in God’s Word.

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