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This Web site is a partnership between Day of Discovery Television and Discovery House Publishers. Day of Discovery and Discovery House Publishers are both part of the RBC Ministries family.

Day of Discovery celebrates 45 years of using television to bring the hope and truth of God’s Word into people’s lives in a meaningful and relevant way.

Each week, Day of Discovery’s 30-minute television broadcast offers viewers a fresh, insightful look at current and historical events, social issues, prophecy, and issues of the Christian faith.

The program airs on stations throughout the United States and Canada. Day of Discoverycan also be found on Roku and Google TV. We also have an Android app for your tablet or smartphone.

Day of Discovery is taped on location in the United States and around the world, including many programs filmed in Israel and the Middle East. The documentary-style program covers a diverse range of relevant and thought-provoking topics:

  • Balanced looks at biblical history and topics that put current and historical events into biblical context
  • Inspirational biographies on heroes of the Christian faith
  • Thoughtful discussions of how Christianity relates to contemporary life issues such as suffering, abuse, and divorce
  • Music specials and programs featuring the wonder of God’s creation

Day of Discovery’s 45 years of programming makes it one of the oldest continually running Christian broadcasts in US television history. Day of Discovery first aired on May 5, 1968 as a television ministry of Radio Bible Class (now known as RBC Ministries).

In its early years, the program was shot on location at Cypress Gardens, Florida. Along with inspirational music, it featured the Bible teaching of Richard De Haan, son of RBC’s founder Dr. M. R. DeHaan, as well as other associate teachers.

Today, Mart DeHaan, the son of Richard DeHaan, is a frequent host for many Day of Discovery programs.


About RBC Ministries

Throughout RBC’s history, we’ve been teaching the Word of God so as to lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ. And as you’ll see in the pages of this Web site, we try to achieve our goal through every method and medium available.

As for who we’re trying to reach—our audiences are as diverse as our methods. They include pastors, counselors, lay persons, TV and radio stations, prisons, schools, businesses—any organization with resources that can touch families, friends, churches, and client networks.

The idea is that every person we reach has the potential to shine—to spread the gospel just as Jesus commanded.

Finally, I’d like you to know that ever since my grandfather founded this ministry, God has blessed us immeasurably—with growth and an extended “family” who are truly committed to his foundational goals.

So in welcoming you, I also urge you to contact us. Inquire about our resources, ask questions, offer comments, whatever you desire. We’d love to hear from you. And thanks so much for your interest in RBC Ministries.


Mart DeHaan