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N.E.T. (Near East Tourist Agency)
Hani Abu Dayyeh: Owner & includes the following:

  • Ambassador Hotel
  • Hotels
  • NET Transportation

This is the crown jewel of Bible Lands scholarship!

Dr. Stephen Langfur’s many years of work on this project is worthy of praise and your time to explore this comprehensive masterpiece. He has included many pictures and mapping for clear understanding.

NOTE: On the NET LOGO link below, simply float your mouse over the left side and then the  top columns to watch the regions and  sites open up before your eyes!

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(David & Josa Bivin)

Brilliant biblical scholarship can be found here. This wonderful site provides understanding into the Hebraic thought and culture while placing the Scriptures within the context in which it was written!

Note: Full access to the site is by subscription only (worth every penny), which also includes their incredible archived articles!  

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(Todd Bolen)

The number ONE place for exquisite pictures of all the Bible Lands!  Todd Bolen is a master photographer… and with his photos he includes historical notes and up-to-date archaeological information.

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(Dr. Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer)

Dr. Leen Ritmeyer, the highly respected and brilliant archaeological designer, produces the finest dimensional drawings and models in the archaeological world. One views ancient sites with new clarity… on every level.

Go directly to these works for any level of study. This is the standard for true excellence. These works are breathtaking, exciting, accurate and informative. It simply does not get better than this!

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(Mart DeHaan)

The resources from this ministry are of the highest quality at low prices – some are FREE!
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Videos online are those shown on TV
Top 100 viewable videos
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(Formally MTS Travel)

I am conviced there is no better group travel company on planet earth! I have used MTS for many years. Their their staff is excellent, showing great skill, expertise, patience, and service. The company is built on Christian ethics.

They are closely connected with NET (Near East Tourist Agency – listed above)

If you have a group going anywhere in the world, be sure to connect with this company!

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(William J. Federer) 

Be SURE to sign up for this remarkable journey into American and World History.  I promise it doesn’t take much more than a minute to read – but the inspiration and truths will stir your soul.  It’s a place where Scripture REVEAL the bent of mankind into history… over and over.  We see  how evil prevails for a time… allowing mankind to repent – and then the Lord raises up the righteous (great and small) for HIS purpose!  It is VERY exciting!

Get a daily inspiring history lesson via email with “American Minute.”

All I can say is, “Find out what you weren’t taught in school!” 

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A standard of evangelical ministry in the USA and around the world.  This ministry stands for righteousness and also serves mankind with a helping hand – an example of Jesus Christ’s ministry!

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billy GrahanmBilly Graham Evangelistic Association

PRECEPT MINISTRIES  (Inductive Bible Study)

(Kay Arthur)

I (Kay Money) have been long associated with Precept through the Inductive study methodology and their Bible  Study Courses.  In all my years of study…these tools, once learned and practiced, assures one that alone anywhere in the world – or alone on an island, one could accurately feed oneself in the Word.  There are not enough words to encourage you to seek out this valuable  resource.

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CHRISTIAN AUDIO  (Best Place for Audio Books)

This site is dedicated to the best collection of Christian audio books (every topic imaginable!).  Great pricing & and there are frequent “FREEBIES.”  I simply can’t say enough about the quality and pricing.  Customer service is excellent too.

My secret is out – THIS is how I read so many books!  I always have an audio book on while doing “mindless cleaning” etc.  And the best time – while driving! (Yes, I even had a radio with CD & Flash Drives installed in my 1997 Avalon car – just for THIS REASON!)

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