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“Kay Money is the rarest of tour leaders. She devotes an apparently unlimited store of energy to ensuring the highest quality experience for her people.

In 23 years of guiding (the last ten including Kay’s groups), I have never known a leader to work so hard on an itinerary, making sure to “get it right,” so that once we are on site we have the time to bring the Biblical events to life. This applies as much to the profundity of Gethsemane and to the discussion of Jesus’ teachings, as to the sheer drama Saul’s last battle, told from the top of Beth Shean. But I should not give an impression of long-faced seriousness. Kay also creates time and occasion for plenty of fun.

I have never known a leader to prepare groups so well with seminars. These bind them even before departure. The intense preparation is responsible, no doubt, for the fact that Kay succeeded in bringing groups even in the troubled years of the Intifada, when hardly anyone else was coming. The experience she helps make possible is so rich – beyond absorbing in a single visit – that many of her members return time and time again: it is a rate of recurrence such as I have never seen elsewhere.

I recommend Kay Money’s leadership wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a visit that does the land justice.”

Dr. Stephen Langfur

Special Note:
Dr. Stephen Langfur is a highly respected scholar and sole contributor of the geographical and historical scholarship on the NET website.

(On the NET website… use the yellow box to the left to explore sites – and the top bar to discover the REGIONS of the Land.) The NET Website is your comprehensive resource in these areas of study.

“...As a matter of fact, I recommend Kay Money’s tours highly. They are the most meticulously planned and professionally organized tours I have experienced in my 49 years of residing in Israel. Yes, I am also very familiar with the “Discover The Bible Lands! website.

Bible Scholar living in Israel… in response to an inquiry about DTBL! (Anonymous)

Why Classes?? 

“Kay, your DTBL! Pre-Tour Classes are essential.
The following is what I experienced on my first tour to Israel–without the benefit of proper preparation: Although I felt I was fairly well versed in the Bible, I was not prepared for all of the additional information I received – on geography and non-biblical history, relating to the time of the Bible.

I was overwhelmed within several days and stopped comprehending what was being said soon after that!  I was like a sponge that was full, and all of the information I tried to absorb just leaked out!!

You have something unique and valuable to share. We just have to find a way to let more people know about it!”

~ Lindy Witman, MTS (Holy Land Specialist – Tour Industry)

Additional note:

“…There is no question that this tour is one of the most educational, insightful and spiritually enriching tours to the Holy Land available. Kay’s caring guidance and knowledge and Dr. Stephen Langfur’s scholarship and familiarity with The Land make a powerful leadership combination.”

“I have wanted to send this note for quite a while thanking you for working so hard to develop such an outstanding tour of the Bible Lands. Your pre-tour classes certainly prepared our group for developing a clear understanding of scholarly information presented by our various guides in the Lands.

Your manual is a uniquely exceptional aid. The two parts of your touring package greatly enhanced my personal grasp of geographic, historic, and cultural backdrop for the Scriptures and has profoundly impacted my teaching of Bible as well as my own personal growth and witness!

Your unceasing efforts to secure the highest quality accommodations and restaurant/cultural experiences made the tour a true highlight of my life and one I find myself constantly talking about to others.

Many, many thanks to you and further blessing as others participate in the future!”

~ In Christ,
Don Bechtel – Bible Teacher
(Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy)

** Don has participated in many DTBL! Tours.
He quickly earned the role as DTBL! Tour Chaplain.
He and his wife, Donna, serve as “Co-Hosts”

“For me Israel was the first huge testing of my faith. My dad said I couldn’t go and we didn’t have the money. After turning down an offer to go on another mission trip because I  believed God had called me to Israel my Dad’s heart was changed and the money was there when we needed it.

We have incredible scholars teaching us during the tours and so much is learned there, but it goes so much deeper than that. I am not the same person now that I was when I went. In some ways I can’t explain how I’ve changed, but mostly I’m just free from a lot of emotional baggage. I learned that I was “worthy of love” and how to let other people love me when I was in Israel, which has been so important in my life since then.”

~ Amanda, age 17 (at time of tour) Indiana

“It is difficult to explain the magnitude of how this tour can affect your life. When discussing life it is not uncommon to use the terms B.I and A.I- These are not some new fangled archaeological terms one can learn. These are the terms to relate to people life “Before Israel”, and life “After Israel.” The bonds of friendship I developed on these tours are today my MOST IMPORTANT friendships. Not simply because we experienced the land together, but because we now have a common bond of sharing the scriptures, and the Lord with each other.

It has been 4 years and three trips to Israel for me now. Honestly it is hard to remember life before Israel. It feels as though I have always seen the scriptures from a “Jewish point of view.” It feels as though I have always known that Jerusalem was on the top of a mountain and that the Dead sea was just down the other side of the mountain.

No great thing is ever easy. The Lord uses this tour as a great tool to teach you many things. Most importantly you will learn these two things: The importance of Faith when the Lord asks you to walk in places you have not yet dreamed about and history and great structure of how HE PLANNED the whole unfolding of our faith from the beginning of time- no accidents here!

If the Lord has placed in your heart a longing that you cannot explain, listen to it! It is no accident. He wants you to know how deliberate His plan of salvation is. Remember that when the Lord called the Jewish nation out of Egypt to go into the Land only 2 in several million responded in faith and courage. As a result the Lord blessed these 2 men greatly. The Lord wants this for you as well. Many will be called to go to Israel, but few will act. Be strong and of great courage my friend. I can promise you that your life will never be the same again if you simply say “YES, LORD” and step out in faith!”

~ H.B. Indiana

Discover The Bible Lands! has discovered a way to integrate learning on all levels for a truly unique experience. This experience begins with the pre-tour training. The advantage of training before the tour helps travelers to better absorb and understand what has been taught once one arrives in the Land. There is much to take in and teaching can be overwhelming on top of the tour experience. Pre-training enhances the tour, rather than detracting from it. The time spent also gives those who will be taking the tour a chance to meet and bond before the trip, rather than during the trip. Once on tour, these relationships begin to deepen and a family is formed.

The educational value of this tour cannot be overstated. Only top-of-the-line scholar guides are used. Although a few “traditional” sites are visited, the DTBL! Tour is planned so that one knows at all times where he is and what happened there. This leads to increased understanding of the Bible later on as one understands exactly where a Bible passage took place and can better interpret using the understanding of the geography, history and culture. There are also many optional “hands on” experiences that enhance this learning process.

The price of this tour is truly amazing. Compare apples to oranges with other tours and you will see that this tour is a bargain. There are no hidden fees – everything has been figured in. Very few tours compare to what is seen and experienced, and the small size of the tour groups enables tourists to visit sites with ease and spend more time there, rather than having to deal with “crowd control” like some tours do.

All in all, Discover the Bible Lands! Tours are first rate and should not be missed!”

~ LLS – Akron, Ohio

“I stood in the Negev watching the reflections of the water dancing in rings of light on the dry, chalk wall. It was us, our souls dancing in harmony with each other, we were the light, the reflection of the Lord.

My now husband and I went to Israel together back in 2003. I won’t tell his testimony, but it was a mountain-moving one. To say that the trip was amazing would be an understatement.

How amazing it was to step where Jesus stepped, to see what Jesus saw, to breathe the very same air that he breathed. It is so true when people say, “You’ll never look at the Bible the same way after you’ve been to Israel.” I know I don’t. My soul was calm and humbled along the Galilee as though Jesus calmed the storm in my heart and I was able to rest.

Throughout the trip, my husband and I went back and forth as to whether or not we wanted to get married on our trip and when we finally decided to take the plunge, there was no minister to marry us. So, we ended up restarting an incredible ancient Jewish betrothal ceremony. It was truly touching, my husband even got a little teary-eyed.

(Kay’s note: It was a “Betrothal Ceremony.”  We believe, there has been another ceremony like it for more than 1500 years. (Jason and Sylvia were married soon after they arrive back in the USA.)

The tour was a real milestone for us. Steve Langfur is an incredible tour guide. I learned so much from him on the trip that I don’t even know what to do with all the information that I absorbed.

Our tour-mates were wonderful and we are still so very blessed from the relationships that we have with them.

If it weren’t for Kay and her little pushes here and there, we would’ve never experienced the Lord in this way and in His Land!

I’d tell anyone reading this that if you want to know God on a deeper level, go to His chosen Land and see where his Son grew up, performed miracles, changed lives forever, was crucified, and resurrected! I guarantee you, you’ll NEVER look at the Bible the same way!”

~ Sylvia S. (Columbus, OH)

“The trip to Israel in June, 2009 was indeed a wonderful experience for both of us. If one listens to the news, you might think that it would not be safe to go to the Holy Land. However, we felt very safe the whole time we were there.

Everything was so well organized that each day ran smoothly. Even when some changes in the schedule had to be made, those of us on the tour never knew anything was amiss. Our tour guide, Stephen Langfur, was a walking history book.

Kay Money made everything look so easy. (We know LOTS of planning went into making this such a wonderful experience.) The whole group bonded so well we have lots of fun memories of the trip.

Matthew 11:20-21 when Jesus talks about having faith as small as a mustard seed that can move a mountain from here to there.

That verse never made sense to us. However, when we went to the Herodium (Herod’s man-made mountain), the verse began to make perfect sense. Jesus was looking at Herod’s man-made mountain when He made this statement. He was talking about man-made governmental power and man-made material things. Faith is stronger than any of these. That is just one of the examples of how Scripture came alive to us.

Everywhere we went during the two weeks Scripture was read to us by our guide and our chaplain that pulled to site right into the Scriptures. There is so much history in this Land that one has to be there to really understand what it was like for Jesus, the prophets, kings, and the people throughout the Bible. Now when we read the Bible it just comes alive with more understanding.

No other trip can do what this one did for us. It indeed was the experience of a lifetime.”

~ Jack and Ann A. (Columbus, OH)

“Discover The Bible Lands! is a first-class operation, without a doubt!

My wife and I have been on four trips with Kay Money with Steve Langfur as official guide. Perhaps the casual observer might consider us ‘slow learners’, but I don’t think so. We simply could not ‘get enough!

We so wish that we were able to go again! Steve is, from all indications, probably the most knowledgeable in all Israel. On top of that , his teaching abilities are excellent without any hesitation on my part saying this. He knows the Bible through and through – both Old and New Testaments.

Just to be there, in the Land, where our Blessed Savior trod, lived and taught is priceless!

(Oh, by the way, Kay’s not so bad herself.) Actually, Kay Money makes the trip exciting and full of fun! She is also quite well-informed re: the Land of Israel too!

Anyone who reads this and hasn’t yet signed up-just ‘do it’!

Kay will gladly give my phone number if you would like to talk!”

~ Dr. T. Smith (Akron, OH)

And… Dr. T. Smith’s wife’s note follows…

“So many memories!! The Lord allowed us to be able to take those wonderful trips before it was too late. I really feel sorry for those that say they are afraid to go to Israel because of the fighting, etc.

God is in control of every breath we take, whether here in the USA or Israel. While folks are able to travel today, they need to GO. Our bodies don’t stay well and able forever, and tomorrow may never come for them.

Just had to jot you a note!”

*** To contact anyone listed above – please contact DTBL!