Don Bechtel: DTBL! Tour Chaplain

Don Bechtel:  C.V.C.A. Bible Teacher
(Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy)

TOUR 2018: Don & Donna (Alumni) will be DTBL! Co-Hosts


“The Discover The Bible Lands! Tours in recent years have profoundly affected my personal life, professional career as a Bible teacher, and my understanding of key present day international events.

On a personal level, when the text of Scripture is read and studied, pictures of places and events are now literal and concrete in my mind rather than imagined based on landscape or culture here in America. I am now seeing and understanding the layering of history in that small geographic region, directly affecting how one is to perceive Biblical truth.

The Bible and the Land must be viewed as an inseparable unit to properly communicate the Biblical message.

When in an educational setting, knowing the geographic and cultural issues assumed by the Biblical authors allows students to grasp more accurately the intended interpretations and meanings of the text. The experience of the Land deepens and purifies our oft Westernized experiences that we then unknowingly thrust upon the text, leaving us with thin or even incorrect interpretations of what the authors were saying. For example, once one understands shepherding in the Biblical landscape, unique to that part of the world only, then the vast references to sheep, shepherds and even the sacrifice system take on whole new heavier implications.

The appearance of Israel and Jesus (Yeshua) in prophecies of Scripture become stronger and clearer when one stands on Mount of Olives where He departed some 2000 years ago, or one stands at Megiddo where the final great assault of man against God unfolds.

Anyone interested in experiencing these greater Scriptural and spiritual understandings should strongly consider a trip to the Land.

This DTBL! Tour includes pre-tour classes which are of the utmost importance. They help to alleviate the “drinking from a fire hose” experience one encounters when in the Land.

Anyone going with an open mind and heart can also expect the Lord to begin opening new vistas of ministry or understanding in their lives. It is truly incredible and life changing! I could not recommend anything more heartily. I wish all believers in Jesus could experience it, especially first-time people.”


Don is the Bible Teacher
@ Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy 20+ Years


The Bechtels will also serve as

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